Will CBN make me feel groggy or disoriented the next day?

Because everyone is different and there are many contributing factors, users might experience the effects of CBN differently. We can’t give specific effects or results that any single individual will experience.

We named our CBN tincture Dream to indicate that it’s intended only for evening use. (Do not use before or during operation of machinery or a vehicle.)

Grogginess, disorientation and clumsiness (both physical and mental) are possible, but side effects and responses vary by individual. It’s possible that those who report feeling morning clumsiness or grogginess may be experiencing the effects as a result of taking more than their “ideal” amount. Determining the “ideal” number of servings for an individual depends on several factors, including body chemistry, weight, health, prescription medications, sensitivity to CBN and desired effect. We cannot provide individualized usage guidelines.

We created a daily usage tracker that can help you “Find Your Balance” with our cannabinoid products.