Is it safe to use CBN with alcohol or medications?

CBN can both inactivate and enhance various (P450) enzymes in the liver, which can potentially impact a wide range of medications. 

CBD, CBN and even herbal remedies can have an effect on cardiac and blood pressure medications, blood thinners, immunosuppressive drugs and antipsychotic medications to name a few. However, one person might not respond to a drug, combination of drugs or even herbal medicines the same way as another person.

Some factors that may contribute to how we respond to drugs, combinations of drugs or herbal medicines include: genetic make-up, ethnic background, sex, liver and kidney function, diseases and nutritional state, age and method of ingestion. Elderly people and people with certain medical conditions may have a greater risk because of reduced liver and kidney function used by the body to process drugs.

As with all medications, cannabinoids or even herbal remedies, we always recommend tracking your usage and closely observing your body’s responses. Please consult with your trusted medical professional for guidance related to your specific conditions and medications.