What makes your tinctures unique?

Our CBD tinctures start with unique strains of high-CBD hemp (responsibly grown in the USA) specifically for use in tinctures. Only the finest Organic Industrial Hemp is selected for the proprietary extraction process that uses gentle thermal extraction with zero solvents. “Flash activation” preserves the source plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile to ensure a truly full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract.

The whole-plant hemp extract is combined with Organic MCT Oil (Coconut Oil), which was chosen as a carrier because of its natural antimicrobial properties and pleasantly neutral flavor that doesn’t mask the natural essence of the extract.

The hemp from which our CBN is derived is tracked from its origin through its conversion to CBN.

Ethically grown with responsible farming practices, our hemp and tinctures are meticulously lab-tested for safety and consistency.