Why should I take CBD?

Have you thought, What will CBD actually do for me? How do I know if CBD is working?

Because everyone is different and there are many contributing factors, we can’t give specific effects or results any single individual will experience.

Users might experience the effects of hemp-derived CBD differently. Many people use it to achieve mind-body balance. They say it contributes to their general feeling of wellness. A lot of people use it for relaxation and restful sleep, and some use it for relief after exercise.

“How effective” CBD is comes down to a user’s individualized wants or needs. For some, an appreciable or noticeable effect is not the goal. For those with goals in mind, feeling the desired effects is a clear indicator that CBD is “working.”

We suggest taking stock of your general sense of wellness before starting, then re-assessing a month later. Some questions people ask themselves might include: How’s my mood lately? How does my body feel? Is my mind-body balance good or does it feel off? Do I feel generally well?