5 Steps to the Perfect Massage

5 Steps to the Perfect Massage

Nothing says “get cozy and stay a while” like tempting dark chocolate and the promise of a back rub. Make this Valentine’s Day extra sweet with To Whom It May hemp-infused bonbons and truffles and Relieve CBD Lotion—for supreme relaxation and a memorable evening in.

Here are some quick and easy ways to elevate the basic back rub into a special, romantic interlude. 


When the point of a massage is relaxation, it makes sense that how the receiver is positioned matters. But for best results, both receiver and giver should be comfortable... nothing breaks a calm mood like an urgent “Ow ow ow, I’ve got a cramp! I have to move!” If you don’t have a massage table, the bed or floor is the next best thing. Spread out a clean, thick blanket. Ensure that it’s smoothly spread—bunching can cause discomfort after laying on it for a while. Have a few pillows on hand to adjust the space as you go.


From the space to your hands to your attitude, warmth is the name of the game. Heat encourages the widening of blood vessels, which supports the muscles in a couple of ways: The nerve stimulation counteracts pain signals, and the blood can more easily process lactic acid buildup (which can cause muscle discomfort). When giving a massage, it’s always a good practice to warm up any lotion or oil in your hands before applying to the other person’s skin. And a positive, warm attitude is the cherry on top. 

Mood Lighting 

Harsh lighting can disrupt the calm vibe a massage intends. So close the curtains and blinds, turn off strong lamps and use the dimmer switch. The combination of low light and flickering candles or a string of twinkling fairy lights can make a modest room feel magical.

Soft Music 

We all know the right music can really set the mood. Opting for meandering tunes without lyrics—such as chill ambient beats, new age, classical or acoustic world music—at a low volume allows the mind to relax and enjoy without distraction.


Emotionally connecting with your partner, taking your time and earnestly caring for the other’s comfort can be the difference between a decent massage and an out-of-this-world experience. But especially for the giver, it can take a little time to get into the groove. To help you along, set an intention to take your time and enjoy your service, and move slowly and smoothly each step of the way.

With oil or lotion (our Relieve CBD Lotion works like a dream!), use long strokes and medium pressure—light pressure can tickle—before asking whether stronger is preferred. Keep one hand on your partner’s skin if more lotion is needed. 

Reward Your Hard Work

Perhaps the best part of giving your partner a massage is what happens after... enjoy. With our friends at To Whom It May, we’re offering very limited quantities of three bundles just for Valentine’s Day, including one that will make a massage extra special: Ever After includes To Whom It May’s four-piece All Four One chocolate box with a full-size container of our newest topical, Relieve CBD Lotion. Normally $85, this one’s available for $69.