Photographer Billy DeKom Braves the Wild for Breathtaking Views

Photographer Billy DeKom Braves the Wild for Breathtaking Views

Inspired by tall peaks, low valleys, compact canyons and coastal cliff sides, photographer Billy DeKom, like most, hikes for the views. Only Billy’s views come from hidden corners of the world and are uniquely captured through the lens of his Sony A7RIII. 

Bloom Farms CBD Community Member Billy DeKom is a talented outdoor photographer who began sharing his love for nature and all its wonders through breathtaking imagery back in 2015. What originally started as a way to capture his surroundings while on a road trip quickly turned into a full-time passion. 

“I've been a photographer since 2015 - that’s when I bought my first mirrorless camera for a long road trip through the western U.S. I've been hooked ever since,” Billy shares. “There’s always more to learn and more to see. I like that mix of something that’s fun and challenging. It makes me really happy to be out there with my camera.”


The Northern California native spent most of his childhood hiking and camping with his family near the Feather River, Lake Tahoe and Truckee. However, like most adolescents, other interests pulled him away from the outdoor life he admired so much as a kid. Now, re-discovering his appreciation for beautiful landscapes through a camera lens, Billy has traveled everywhere from icy Wyoming mountain ranges to dry Arizona desert canyons. He even braved the cold Canadian Rockies to photograph the sunrise on the Niblet in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, which was featured in National Geographic's “Your Shot Adventures of a Lifetime” contest.  

For Billy, photography is more than taking pictures. It’s  a lifestyle all its own, from planning his escapades to editing the images at home.

“Photography, for the most part, is kind of a solo thing - just you, your camera and the landscape,” Billy says. “And even when you get back home to post process your images,it’s just you and your computer, going through the edits, sharing them online and hoping they resonate with other people.”

Currently residing in the Bay Area with his wife Lauren and just a short few hours from the mountains, ocean and desert, Billy takes any chance he can to hit the great outdoors. Embracing the unpredictability of the wilderness (including a backcountry bear encounter or two) and learning to traverse a variety of terrains are two of this young photographer’s favorite parts of his job. 

“In photography often times the situation is far from perfect. Whether it's challenging lighting, bad weather, incorrect settings, an accidental smudge on a lens, forgetting equipment,” Billy admits. “You have to learn how to adapt and be okay with an imperfect situation. Some of my favorite shots have come from the most challenging days, accepting what I’ve got and trying to find something beautiful to bring home anyway.”

Despite the earth’s exceptional beauty, exploring the outdoors comes at a small physical price. While Billy loves his job, a finicky lower back keeps him more grounded than he’d prefer at times. Lucky for Billy, his father-in-law recommended CBD two years ago, and now he doesn’t leave for a trip without his Bloom Farms CBD tincture.  

“I love CBD oil because it works. Before using it I would get flare ups often. Ever since I've started using CBD every day, I rarely have any issues,” Billy shares. “I only consume CBD drops under the tongue. I feel it's the best way to get quick results.” 

After discovering Billy on Instagram and admiring his appreciation for nature and respect for the outdoors, Bloom Farms reached out to the photographer to ask him to join our team of Community Members. Being the CBD fan he was, Billy jumped at the chance to work for Bloom Farms CBD as an official Community Member.  

“Bloom Farms CBD products are amazing. I love the fact that they only use certified organic hemp from the United States. They focus on being a responsible and sustainable company that cares about the planet and the people they're supplying with their products. Plus their one-for-one program is helping put food on the table for so many people. I love knowing that my Bloom Farm CBD purchases are helping those in need,” Billy says.

It’s all about balance for Billy. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is vital for his overall wellness, especially when exerting excessive energy outdoors. With a little help from CBD along the way, Billy continues to capture and share the wonders of the world with those around him. 

If you are a photographer, world traveler or someone simply looking to add a little extra soothing self-care to your daily routine, we recommend Billy’s favorite Bloom Farms CBD Recovery tincture for yourself! 

Learn more about Billy DeKom and follow him on his adventures.


Instagram: @billydekom


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