CBN Vape and Evening Beverage Pairings

CBN Vape and Evening Beverage Pairings

Sleep. We all want more and better quality. But 2020 didn’t get the message.

That’s why we’re introducing Bloom Farms Dream 5:1 CBN Vapor. It combines our uncut, whole-plant hemp extract with hemp-derived CBN for boosted evening relaxation and sedative effects—so you can get to sleep already. Plus, it’s gently flavored with a full-spectrum solventless terpene blend that borrows notes from lavender, chamomile and valerian, all of which have been used for centuries to aid in rest and relaxation.

5:1 CBN Dream Vapor is available as a recyclable Mini Vapor Pen or as a Cartridge to go with your favorite Bloom Farms HIGHLIGHTER® battery. It’s a convenient, portable complement to our Dream Tincture or great as a standalone for those who prefer vape.

Part of what we call sleep hygiene—the good habits that lead to good sleep—is a routine before you go to bed. We all have different rituals, ranging from reading or watching TV to meditation or yoga. For some of us, there’s a last bit of comforting food or drink… and if that’s you, here a few suggestions that we think go nicely with our Dream Vapor.

Whatever you decide, please be sure to keep the Dream usage guidelines in mind. (Do not exceed four micro-puffs in 24 hours.)

Since we’re in the world of plant remedies, it’s a great time to talk about Amaros, the Italian liqueurs crafted from secret recipes—sometimes dating back centuries—that are designed to settle the stomach and aid in digestion. These digestivos come in a range of flavors, from fruity and floral to herbal and minty. They are low in alcohol (usually under 30% alcohol by volume compared to 40-50% for most spirits) and can help settle your stomach for a more restful sleep.

Amaro Nonino, from Friuli in northeastern Italy, is light, floral and widely available. Or, if you share our passion for craft-made goods and great things from Colorado (like some of our organically grown hemp), look for Leopold Highland Amaro, which uses a blend of Alpine herbs including chamomile for a more robust, minty flavor profile.

» Interested in Amaro? Read our FAQ about CBN and alcohol.

Ice Cream
While some advise against sugar before sleep, others crave the soothing, back-to-simpler-times feeling of a scoop of ice cream in the evening. If that’s you, consider venturing out from your regular choices and sampling a flavor that complements our CBN Dream Vapor.

Wildberry Lavender ice cream is a staple on Ohio-based Jeni’s menu while New York City’s trendy Morgenstern’s Finest makes a Lavender Agave Vanilla that is totally vegan and sugar free. Or if you like honey in your evening herbal tea, consider the award-winning Bee’s Knees made with sustainably and locally sourced ingredients, including honey and bee pollen, just down the road from us at Revival Ice Cream in Monterey, CA. All three ship nationwide.

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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of herbal teas combining ingredients thought to help with relaxation and sleep. Many include chamomile as a primary ingredient and, somewhat less frequently, lavender. We love New York-based Harney & Sons’ Chamomile Herbal tea sachets and French Super Blue Lavender loose tea, both of which come in beautiful tins and are Kosher-certified (just like our vapes).

Harder to find are valerian teas. On its own, valerian can taste earthy or woody, so it’s often blended with other floral or herbal ingredients or natural flavorings to round out the flavor. Some swear by it on its own with a spoonful of honey, which, by the way, contains tryptophan, the same amino acid famously found in turkey and blamed for many after Thanksgiving dinner naps! There are any number of valerian teas out there, including an often-recommended organic version by Traditional Medicinals that is widely available.