Champagne - Not Just for Special Occasions

Champagne - Not Just for Special Occasions

If Champagne has a season, we’re in the heart of it. From festive holidays through the New Year and on to Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Week if you love love like we love love), more corks are popped now than any other time of the year—all with good reason. 

But the truth is, Champagne is incredibly versatile with food and seems to have an uncanny ability to make almost anything feel special. It deserves to be part of our everyday rotation.

If popping open a bottle seems too much or just isn’t your thing, we have an alternative: Bloom Farms Wellness’ Champagne-flavored CBD vape can elevate and complement whatever you are making or doing.

When you’re ready to take your day to the next level with Champagne vapor, look below for a few ideas for things that will go great alongside it.

Champagne Vape Pairings

All Things Valentine’s Day 

The versatility of Champagne can be on full display if you’re preparing a special meal for a special someone this week. Think about a luxurious start like oysters (raw or cooked such as Melissa Clark’s oysters Rockefeller) or caviar.

Follow it up with a dish featuring truffles, which you can access at a reasonable cost through truffle oil or truffle salt that can be used in a variety of dishes. Or go all-in with freshly shaved truffles over a simple cacio e pepe pasta.

For dessert, chocolates are a classic pairing with Valentine’s Day and Champagne, especially those with a hint of fruit flavor to cut through the sweetness. Or try something as simple as berries and whipped cream.


Speaking of fruit, Champagne flavors go will with just about any citrus fruit (think Mimosas). Citrus has a way of brightening up the winter, and adding Champagne flavors takes it to a whole new level. Citrus is incredibly easy and versatile for everyday use: From some mandarin orange slices tossed in with a mixed green salad to this easy and yummy-looking Grapefruit Glazed Chicken, a little Champagne flavor can quickly boost even a simple meal.


Maybe you roll your own, maybe you roll up to the sushi bar, or maybe home delivery is how you’re going to roll for this one. Regardless, pimp your ride and your (sushi) roll with a taste of Champagne that will enhance everything from simple sashimi pieces to a sweetly sauced unagi (eel) to a more complex roll. It even works if you order a little tempura on the side.

Bloom Farms Wellness Champagne Vapor

As always, our Champagne vape starts with uncut broad-spectrum CBD oil. The we add subtle tropical fruit notes and a bit of bubbly sensation to give you a crisp, sparkling champagne experience with all the benefits of CBD and none of the alcohol. It’s available in a 0.5g Vapor Cartridge (don’t forget the HIGHLIGHTER® Battery) and our 0.5g single-use Mini Vapor Pen.