Dancing from Peak to Peak: Priscilla Mewborne the Mountain-Climbing Aerialist

Dancing from Peak to Peak: Priscilla Mewborne the Mountain-Climbing Aerialist

Dancing from Peak-to-Peak-Priscilla Mewborne the Mountain Climbing Aerialist


Priscilla Mewborne loves the great outdoors. In fact, she loves the outdoors so much that she suspends herself from the top of some of the country’s highest peaks swinging weightlessly on nothing but climbing rope and fabric. Mewborne is a true outdoor adventurer and practicing aerialist who climbs her way from mountain to mountain with suspension silk in hand in constant search of her next breathtaking view. 


Growing up, the California native never imagined she’d be where she is today. With the exception of an unforgettable Girl Scout camping trip in sixth grade, Mewborne never spent much time exploring the outdoors. It wasn’t until early adulthood after scoring her first full-time job that the now seasoned climber began to plan her own camping trips across the U.S. 


“I had a heart for adventure and the outdoors, but it was contained behind school and studio walls. Growing up with a family who never turned to camping as an option sort of blinded me. It wasn't until I was a little older, when I could start taking myself places and had a job to support my gas budget, that I found myself roadtripping and car camping everywhere I could,” Mewborne shares. 

 Dancing from Peak-to-Peak-Priscilla Mewborne the Mountain Climbing Aerialist


While she possessed a deep passion for dance, Mewborne’s first brush with aerial silks and mountain climbing came in college. The curious climber was instantly hooked and dove head first into the basics, learning how to safely belay, top rope and even hop on plastic holds at rock gyms with friends. After graduating, she made her way to Yosemite, where her real outdoor journey began.


“When I moved to Yosemite Valley, I saw an aerialist out on a highline and knew that this was something I wanted to do in my lifetime. It brought together two things that I loved, exposure and dance,” Mewborne says. “To make this dream come true, I had to start somewhere… I purchased a pair of silks and an aerialist book and put in as many hours as I could. Once I moved out of the Valley, I was able to take a few classes and simply started rigging everywhere I could.”


Mewborne has cascaded canyons swinging by her silk ropes and hiked to the top of Yosemite’s most beautiful peaks. The brave mountaineer even dabbled in an exhilarating climb of the legendary El Capitan.  


“One of the wildest outdoor adventures I have experienced happened just this summer in Yosemite Valley.” Mewborne says. “Hanging off the Captain felt more magical than ever. Enveloped in my silks, I felt a sense of comfort and security even with all the exposure below my feet. This is something I will be excited to do again and again.”


Dancing from Peak-to-Peak-Priscilla Mewborne the Mountain Climbing Aerialist    

Although enjoyable, keeping up with the mental and physical demands of this lifestyle can be tough. Mewborne sought out Bloom Farms CBD to help aid in her post-climb recovery. 


“I first tried CBD after climbing, when my muscles were noticeably tight and sore. At first I questioned how it would make me feel, but after rubbing my arms with a salve, even after just a few minutes, I felt the effects. I realized that my muscles were starting to relax,” Mewborne shares. 


After discovering the talented aerialist on Instagram, Bloom Farms CBD knew she had to join their community of ambassadors—a perfect match for Mewborne, who was already a devotee of CBD and its benefits. 


“I am a big fan of CBD. When Bloom Farms CBD reached out to ask if I would be interested in sampling their product, I was very stoked to try it out. I admire Bloom Farms CBD because they are a company I can trust with their products and they give back. Eventually Bloom Farms CBD asked if I would like to join their team and I was happy to join,” Mewborne beams. 


Recently Mewborne has become a fan of Bloom Farms CBD vape cartridges that offer top-of-the-line plant-derived taste and operate on a user-friendly rechargeable battery.


“CBD really helps relieve my body and mind especially after long days on the wall, hiking around or dancing in my silks,” Mewborne says.


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