Bloom Farms CBD is doing good in your neighborhood.

Feeling Good, Doing Good

What if the CBD you choose doesn’t just make you feel good, but also lets you help do good in your neighborhood?

Want to feel good?

We’ve got you covered. It’s taken time to craft our distinctly different CBD tincture. In fact, we took 18 months to source the best plants, determine the ideal extraction process and formulate the finest product to bring to market. Our CBD tincture is made from unique strains of hemp that are organically grown in the USA and specifically intended for ingestion. The CBD is flash-activated using only gentle heat to preserve the most complete cannabinoid and terpene profile possible. The result is what we believe to be the best CBD tincture on the market. Learn more

As for the doing good…

Do you know about our 1-for-1 program? For every BLOOM FARMS CBD product sold, we donate a healthy meal to fight hunger where we live and work. Through the network of inspiring food bank partners we’ve been building since 2015, we’ve already donated over 1.5 million meals to food-insecure families and individuals—and we’re just getting started. (Our next milestone goal is 5 million!) Each time you choose Bloom Farms CBD, you’re also making a difference to those experiencing hunger in our community. Get involved

Thank you for supporting our mission!


April Carter Grant

April Carter Grant grew up in the rural Midwest and has worked as a creative in the advertising, gaming, travel and beauty industries. An avid walker and sometime runner, she lives in LA with a young son and spazzy dog.