Food, Drink & Vape Pairings: Sequoia Mint

Food, Drink & Vape Pairings: Sequoia Mint

Mint just may be the flavor for all seasons. Whether it’s a refreshing accent in a summer cocktail or providing a little hint of winter in a rich holiday dessert, mint’s subtle, sweet, cooling flavors are all about calming, refreshing and uplifting you. That makes them the perfect complement for our CBD vape oil.

Bloom Farms Wellness Sequoia Mint CBD vapor oil is all natural and loaded with “hero cannabinoids” like CBD, CBG and CBC. Its rich, natural flavor is balanced by a hint of mint and undertones of chocolate. We think it’s a delicious way to reap all the potential benefits of our whole-plant hemp extract.

And for some ideas on pairing your vape with food and drink:

Hot Chocolate with Mint

Hot Chocolate & Mint
Much of the country is in the depths of winter at the moment as well as still muddling through COVID-related constraints on activities. As a result, many of you may be spending much more time outside in chilly weather than normal. Whether you’re fortunate enough to be spending a day on the slopes or just taking the dog for an extra long walk, nothing say winter warm-up like a cup of hot chocolate. And few things go better with chocolate than a touch of mint.

So, the next time you need to get cozy, relax or recover from winter activities, make a mug of your favorite hot chocolate, grab your Sequoia Mint vapor and enjoy.

Mint & Thai or Vietnamese Food 
Mint grows throughout much of the world and is found in many cuisines. There’s the traditional mint jelly accompaniment to lamb dishes enjoyed in much of the western world or the wide use of fresh mint in sauces, fillings and salads throughout the middle east and mediterranean regions (tabbouleh and tzatziki are just a couple of examples).

It’s also a frequent ingredient in Thai and Vietnamese food, balancing the richer, spicier flavors that often come from coconut, peppers or spice blends like curries. So, order up—or in—your favorite Thai curry or a bahn mi. (Or, if you’re a home chef, give this Thai-style noodle bowl recipe a try, feeling free to substitute sautéed tofu for steak.

Then complement it with a cooling, relaxing after-dinner Sequoia Mint CBD pen.

Mint & Lime 
Maybe you’re lucky enough to live where it stays warm in the winter. Or maybe you took up Barbados on their offer to work from there during the pandemic. In either case, few things are more refreshing in the heat than sipping an icy combination of mint and lime. These can be non-alcoholic, like this limeade with mint, or a delicious cocktail like a Mojito or Southside.

And, if you’re drinking any of those, it must be time to relax and cool down, making it a perfect time to add some Sequoia Mint CBD vape to the mix.