Six Things to Do on a Day Without Tech

Six Things to Do on a Day Without Tech

March 5-6 is the National Day of Unplugging. Whether you celebrate today or set aside time later, this practice is a good way to consider whether your life-tech balance could use some retooling.

Stepping away from the phones, social media and other tech that feel so integral to our lives gives us the opportunity to “unlock new achievements” we take for granted, such as:

• navigating to a location without GPS 
• connecting through face-to-face conversation (six feet apart while wearing masks) instead of texting
• getting lost in a moment and truly savoring it
• giving yourself the space to think without distraction for clarity

Here are a few ideas for making the most of a full day without tech. 

Take a hike or a bike ride. Whether you get out of town or take an urban trek, hikes and bike rides are excellent ways to pass time. Your body will thank you, and the changing scenery will keep you from feeling bored (or obsessed with notifications). Don’t forget your Mini Vapor Pen!

Pick up a book. When’s the last time you sat down and read something—totally uninterrupted and without distraction? If you don’t have something on hand, head to Little Free Library to find a take/share library box in your neighborhood (and leave one of your books behind if you’re ready to let it go).

Make a picnic. Grab a partner, pack a basket and head to a local vista for sunrise or sunset. If it’s cold where you live, think hot cocoa, s’mores and warm muffins or cookies. (Not into chocolate? Check out this Simple Golden Milk recipe.) Don’t forget your gloves, and cuddle up under a blanket. If you’re in a hot zone, try fresh fruit, sparkling lemonade and veggie wraps after a beach or hillside walk to the perfect spot.

Soak it in. Most of us shower most of the time. An occasional, indulgent evening bath is one of life’s great pleasures and a surefire way to slow down. Add epsom salts to soothe achy muscles or a drop of lavender oil for relaxing aromatherapy, then sit back and soak in the silence. Follow up with Dream CBN, which was designed for relaxation and restful sleep.

Get cooking. We’re all busy, which makes it so enticing to pull out the phone and order up a food delivery instead of making our own. This is the perfect opportunity to craft a killer meal you’ll be proud of. Open the fridge and get creative. (If impromptu cooking stresses you out, be sure to have a cookbook around or do a little research beforehand.)

Play games. Gaming with a friend, your family or even yourself is a great way to stimulate the mind. Try a hand of gin rummy with your partner or Exploding Kittens or a board game with your family. Solo? Think solitaire, sudoku, crossword puzzles, shooting hoops or golfing.