Paige Lindgren’s journey to self-healing started by following her gut.

Trust Your Gut: Paige Lindgren’s Path to Self-Healing Success

 “Trust your gut and really listen to it. You have the power to feel amazing. All it takes is really connecting to your body and listening to what it is asking for and giving it just that!”

Paige Lindgren’s journey to self-healing started by following her gut, literally. The holistic health enthusiast truly believes our guts hold the key to wellness. And when it comes to our health, it’s vital to turn to our gut as the source of success.

“Gut health is so important!” Paige exudes. “A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system, healthy heart, healthy brain, healthy sleep, effective digestion and improved mood and can prevent many diseases!” 

Diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, Lyme disease and mold illness, the Los Angeles native was left with little choice other than making her mind and body a top priority. Paige immediately changed her lifestyle to jumpstart her healing from the inside out, swapping her old eating habits for healthier ones, taking herbal supplements, practicing more strategic exercise and of course, enjoying a little CBD.

While it took time and a great deal of patience, Paige takes great pride in her mental and physical fitness and continues to work actively to keep her mind and body wellness in peak condition by practicing great gut health through stress management, “real food” recipes and listening to what her body wants. 

We chatted with the Bloom Farms CBD Community member to learn more about her holistic healing journey and to hear how she’s helping others achieve their goals.  

Health enthusiast Paige Lindgren doing yoga.

When did you first take an interest in wellness and holistic healing? 

I first got into health when I started experiencing health issues. I have Hashimoto’s disease, Lyme disease and mold illness, and I am passionate about healing through food and holistic wellness. I would define holistic health as approaching well-being from a natural state. I always turn to heal through food, supplements, CBD and other natural practices before turning to conventional medicine. My favorite form of movement is walking, yoga, rebounding and pilates (aka low-intensity exercise).

On your blog you mention the importance of gut health and encourage others to consume “real foods.” What is “gut health,” and what are the “real foods” we should consider? 

Gut health is so important! Up to 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced from the gut, so if it is not functioning correctly, mood can be majorly affected. A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system, healthy heart, healthy brain, healthy sleep, effective digestion and improved mood and can prevent many diseases! Eating a wide variety of vegetables, protein, prebiotics, probiotics helps support our microbiome which controls our immune system. I post recipes that are easy to digest for those who are struggling with their digestion. 

How do you practice good “gut health”? 

I practice good gut health by managing stress (the brain-gut connection is very real); eating a variety of foods to support my microbiome; supporting my gut lining by consuming collagen peptides, l-glutamine and colostrum; consuming probiotics while making sure I eat prebiotic-rich foods; listening to my body and truly giving my stomach what it is asking for and lastly eating unprocessed foods without lengthy ingredient lists.

What has your wellness journey taught you about yourself? 

That I am capable of healing and if I can, anyone can. I also realized how determined I am!

What inspired you to share your self-care tips and healthful recipes?  

I wanted anyone who has suffered like me to see that it is possible to get better as well as score some helpful tips and inspiration. 

When it comes to gut health, the right foods are essential.

What do you enjoy most about helping people with their wellness goals? 

I love seeing people find hope about their future again and feel like they are living as their best selves.

When did you first try CBD?

I started using CBD consecutively in September. I started using it to see if it could calm my stomach pain down as well as my anxiety! I love how CBD is a natural way to get the body back to a calm state with zero side effects.

Which Bloom Farms products are your favorite? 

I started using the tinctures in November, and my favorite is the 1200 mg Recover. Recently I started using the new 1200 mg Dream 1:5 CBN/CBD Tincture and it has become my new favorite. I wake up feeling so refreshed and sleep without any interruption when I take it!

What's next for you? 

Lots of healing is on the horizon for me, which means a lot more tips, advice, recipes and positivity for my followers!

Follow Paige Lindgren on her adventures and discover new self-care tips and savory recipes! 

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