Prehab refers to measures taken in advance of an physical event to minimize the chance of injury and shorten recovery time.

What is Prehab?

Short for “prehabilitation,” prehab refers to measures taken in advance of an event, sports activity or surgery to minimize the chance of injury and shorten recovery time. For example, strengthening the muscles around vulnerable joints that are used over and over may prevent wear-and-tear injuries. Similarly, proactive prehab training before joint replacement is thought to better support the new joint and result in a quicker return to simple milestone activities, like walking.

In a nutshell, prehab is used to lessen the chance of injury and reduce the severity of injury.

Prehab is not limited to strength training. It can include a range of measures intended to prevent future injury, such as massage, balancing, coordination exercises—anything that contributes to the body’s overall stability and responsiveness. Once vulnerabilities are identified, the body can be manipulated in a safe way to strengthen those areas so they’re less susceptible to injury in the long term. 

Self-directed prehab

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While the word “prehab” is used as an industry term by some physical therapists and trainers, the idea is in practice for most of us during our everyday routines. Maybe you start the day with stretching to loosen your joints and activate your muscles. You probably warm up before cardio exercise. What else might you do over time to keep your body prepared and responsive? Massage, checking for proper form in a mirror and using a balance ball come to mind.

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