Wine, Food & Vape Pairings: Black Cherry

Wine, Food & Vape Pairings: Black Cherry

We’re happy to introduce the newest flavor for our all-natural hemp-derived CBD vape line: Black Cherry.

From a complement to ice cream and cocktails to the base of sauces that accent hearty dishes to the star of pies, black cherry can play many roles. And that’s no accident, as the complex sweet, musky and tart flavor profile of cherries—which some say brings together almond, lemon, floral, allspice and woody flavors—makes them incredibly versatile.

Our Black Cherry vape offers a tantalizing interplay between mouth-puckering sweet-tart fruit notes and the mellow, earthy taste of hemp. Its new and different flavor profile is a great addition to our existing line-up of Natural, Sequoia Mint, Stone Fruit, Blackberry, Rosé and Champagne.

To help you make this new flavor a part of your routine, here are some of our ideas on things to eat, drink and chill out with while enjoying Bloom Farms Wellness Black Cherry CBD vapor products.

Eat and Drink

Black cherry’s versatility lets it mix and match with a wide variety of cuisines and beverages, from savory to sweet to spicy.

Rich Proteins

One classic pairing is rich meats and game, like duck or venison with a cherry sauce, but the sweet-tart cherry flavor can work well with virtually any protein—steak, pork, grilled chicken and more. These are perfect fall meals as the weather starts to cool off across much of the country, and they pair up well with bold red wines that fit the season too.

A pairing we really like for his kind of meal draws on the same California heritage Bloom Farms does. Zinfandel grapes were brought to California by Italian immigrant farmers in the 1800s and are grown in few other places in the United States. Bedrock Wine Company and Turley Wine Cellars do great work with them and, just as importantly, are committed to preserving their great heritage. They make wines from dozens of California’s most historic vineyards, some approaching 150 years old and many organically and/or dry-farmed to minimize environmental impact and maximize natural flavors. It’s hard to go wrong with any of their Zinfandels (or Bedrock’s “Heritage” wine line), but Turley’s Old Vines and Juvenile are moderately priced, while their single vineyard Hayne Zinfandel and Bedrock’s Lorenzo’s Heritage are top-notch examples.

Light & Spicy Meals

If your tastes run a bit lighter or toward the spicy side, black cherry’s sweet and slightly spicy notes set it up well to go with complex, umami-packed dishes. Asian cuisines offer a lot of this profile, whether it’s in the blend of flavors and textures in a great ramen or the unique spices and sauces fundamental to Thai food.

Black cherry can cut through and balance these flavors well, so you might want to wash down a meal like that with a Lambic Kriek beer, a light cherry-infused beer that originated in Belgium (Lindeman’s is an historic brand) but now can probably be found at your local micro-brewery. Or if you’re looking for something free of alcohol, this cherry lemonade recipe offers the same sweet and sour flavor set.


Something sweet? Chocolate is your best bet. Black Forest Cake is a classic, but you can find the time-honored combo of cherries and chocolate everywhere—from chocolate ice cream with black cherries to chocolate chip cherry cookies (just add a cup or so of dried cherries to your batch of Toll House) to good ol’ chocolate-covered cherries.

Black Cherry Vape

Plan a relaxing evening and enjoy all the fun and flavor of black cherries with our newest vapor offering. Pick up Black Cherry in a 0.5 g cartridge and pair with a Merlot Highlighter battery, or opt for the sleek convenience of our all-in-one 0.5 g Black Cherry Mini Vapor Pen.