Work Hard, Play Harder: How Ciara Austin Manages Work-Life Harmony

Work Hard, Play Harder: How Ciara Austin Manages Work-Life Harmony

TV producer, wellness influencer, model, social media manager, yogi, host, vocalist; what doesn’t Ciara Austin do? The sky’s the limit for this New York-born multitasker who maintains a true lust for life by chasing her dreams and pursuing her many career-driven passions.

Growing up, Ciara was always involved in extracurriculars, from acting in school plays and chasing modeling gigs to singing in the choir and everything in between. After migrating west from NYC to chase her broadcasting dreams, Ciara settled in West Los Angeles where she currently works as a TV content producer for TVG Network Betfair US. 

Since her move to LA, this talented visionary has truly embraced her surroundings and developed a love for mind and body wellness, including Bloom Farms CBD. We chatted with our entrepreneurial community member to learn more about her journey and to find out just how she juggles it all.  


We have to know, how did you acquire such an impressive and diverse resume?

From a young age I knew I'd end up as some type of storyteller. I was active in school plays, did child modeling and sang in choirs. I was trained classically in opera during high school and graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in theater. In my adult years, modeling became a big creative outlet and I've been a freelance model since 2007. I loved the creative process of collaboration, so in 2012, I decided to combine these skills using social media and created my first blog. 

What is your latest professional venture? 

I'm currently a social media producer for a sports television network. It really does touch on a lot of my background and skills. Working in live television brings its own unique daily challenges. Knowing that the "show must go on" and how to improvise; how to capture an audience with your content and how to keep them engaged is a lot of what I do. There's also a lot of strategic planning that goes into this work. As much as I love the work behind the scenes and being in a news studio, I'm ready to revisit the other side of the camera lens. I'm looking forward to finding ways to get back into television hosting and reporting.   

Outside of your professional endeavors, you also developed a passion for health and wellness. What ignited this interest? 

I developed a deeper interest in my personal health about 10 years ago. I began to better evaluate the foods I was eating, where they were sourced from and what my body responded to best. Once I had a better handle on my nutrition, I began to work on the physical and mental aspects. As I got older and took on more responsibilities, my stress levels also increased, and I found that a balance of diet and physical activity really helped with my overall sense of well-being. I've enjoyed exploring the many ways to fulfill that balance, and the journey continues!


You love yoga and often dabble with meditation and sound healing. How did you get into the more spiritual aspects of wellness?  

For many years I attended yoga classes, and to be honest, I struggled with the mental-meditation aspect. I started to use yoga for stretching and to counterbalance my weight training. Over the last five years or so, I started to discover so many benefits from my yoga practice; the focus of the breath and giving myself the time to release tension and also challenge my body and mind all at once. Sound healing is one of the latest additions to my wellness journey. I'm part of a group called Fit Girl Club LA, and they offered a sound bath meditation event last June at Be Crystal Clear in Santa Monica. I attended with no prior experience or knowledge of sound baths, and it was such an eye-opening experience! Ever since, I’ve been so intrigued with sound healing, the theory behind it and how different sound healers share their crafts. 

Sounds like you have struck up quite the balance between work and self-care. Did that balance come naturally or has it taken some practice? 

It's a balance that comes somewhat naturally. I was an only child and have always enjoyed my own company. I think the first step to embracing self-care is embracing “you” and realizing that self-care doesn’t mean self-ish. I also came to understand that self-care can look like a number of different things. It's not always a spa night with a glass of wine. Sometimes it’s just an early bed time or removing something from your life that doesn't provide great energy.

What do you think is most important about making time for self-care?

This time at home in particular has been incredibly jarring for everyone. Our daily routines have been changed, and for some, drastically. Finding a rhythm during a pandemic has taken time and work. An easy way to help with this process is to find ways to keep your mind and body healthy. 

You also enjoy Bloom Farms CBD as part of your wellness practice. When did you first begin your journey with CBD? 

I've been using CBD for about two years now and consistently for the last year. I started using CBD tinctures, but from a topical standpoint, I found excellent relief for my neck and shoulders - a trouble area for me. I've learned so much expanding my knowledge on how CBD works in the body and how it can be used to aid a number of things. 


What do you love most about being a part of the Bloom Farms CBD community? 

I was familiar with Bloom Farms previously but not your CBD line. I loved Bloom Farms CBD’s dedication to educating their community members and influencers. I work with hundreds of companies and trust me, this doesn't happen as often as you may think. It's greatly appreciated and makes my endorsement of Bloom Farms that much more from the heart! 

Which Bloom Farms CBD products are your favorite? 

When I first started using Bloom Farms, I was just getting familiar with tinctures, so I started off with 300 mg Balance CBD Tincture. I enjoyed this tincture mainly in the mornings before work or during the day. I've had the opportunity to try all Bloom Farms CBD products and I enjoy the 1200 mg Recover CBD Tincture following a workout or in my coffee. When I'm looking for a quick mellow moment, I go for the Stone Fruit CBD Mini Vapor Pen!

What's next for you?  We’re sure you have some new and exciting projects on the horizon. 

I'm really looking to become a sound healer and would love to create "CBD Soundbath Sessions" and work creatively within the wellness community. I'd love to transfer my hosting and social media skills to work within the wellness space. Looking forward to seeing how that will unfold. 

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