Comfort CBG Tincture + Dream CBN Tincture

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Save BIG with this bundle that pairs our bestselling Stone Fruit Cartridge and our BRAND NEW Black Stick Battery—everything you need to get started. Stone Fruit offers sweet, tart notes of peach, apricot and cherry. Breath-activated Stick Vaporizer Battery offers two temperature settings for a variety of oils and quickly recharges via Mini USB (included).

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Save BIG with this bundle that pairs 1200mg Comfort CBG Tincture and 1200mg Dream CBN Tincture. 

During the day, use Comfort to enhance the benefits of CBD, support gut health and enjoy its anti-inflammatory properties. At night, the CBN in Dream is proven to encourage better sleep without unwanted side effects.

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Comfort Tincture: 081222CBGCBDView