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Comfort CBG Tincture is formulated with organic olive oil for those with sensitive digestion. Start your journey to better gut health.

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  • Per Bottle: 600 mg CBG, 600 mg CBD
  • Per Serving: 5 mg CBG, 5 mg CBD
  • 120 1/4 ml servings
  • Gluten-Free, Kosher-Certified, Non-GMO

Formulated with organic olive oil for those with sensitive digestion, this soothing combination featuring full-spectrum CBG-rich whole-plant hemp extract is said to support gut health alongside mind-body balance and an overall sense of wellness—so you can make each day a better day.


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True Full-Spectrum Oil 
Derived from a unique, specific strain of hemp, full-spectrum CBG-rich whole-plant hemp extract is blended with our full-spectrum CBD.  

Benefits of CBG
Hemp-derived CBD is said to encourage mind-body balance, relaxation and an overall sense of wellness. This combination featuring full-spectrum CBG is said to support mind-body balance, an overall sense of wellness and relaxation as well as support of gut health.

Crafted with Safety & Quality in Mind
Our products are made from responsibly grown hemp and meticulously lab-tested for purity and consistency. Each also supports our 1-for-1 program: For every product sold, we donate a healthy meal to a food-insecure person.

Organic Cold-Pressed Olive Oil, Organic Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, CBG-Rich Whole-Plant Hemp Extract. 

Taste & Color
This product has an earthy, distinct and unfiltered flavor, which is the mark of an exceptional cannabinoid tincture. It contains full-spectrum extract complete with naturally occurring terpenes and a rich amber hue. No artificial colors or flavors.  

Usage Guidelines
Serving Size: 1/4 ml
Servings: 120
Per serving: 5 mg CBG, 5 mg CBD
Per bottle: 600 mg CBG, 600 mg CBD

Good for: Relaxation and gut health support.


Shake your CBD tincture

1. Shake. Because they have different weights, the olive oil and cannabinoid extracts may slightly separate between uses. Simply shake to restore the suspension.

How to measure CBD tincture

2. Measure. Use the included dropper to select proper measurement. Pull tincture into the dropper to the indicator line for a 1/4 ml serving.

How to take a CBD tincture

3. Deposit. Place tincture under tongue, being careful to keep the dropper clean. If taking more than one serving, deposit only 1/4 ml at a time.

How long to absorb CBD tincture

4. Relax. Allow to absorb for 30-60 seconds. Activation may take up to 45 minutes; however, sublingual delivery may result in immediate onset.

Take up to 2 times per day, spaced out by 5-6 hours, or take whole daily amount before bed. Do not exceed 1 ml (4 servings) in 24 hours. 

How to store your CBD tincture

5. Store. After use, seal tightly and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. 

For guidance about how much to take, please see our FAQ.