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Picking a Goal

Traditional resolutions are so tired: Quit smoking. Lose weight. Stop drinking so much. Work out more.

Adopting healthier habits (and losing the bad ones) is always in style, and it’s likely that you keep them in mind all year long. Rather than limiting yourself to resolutions that focus on things you don’t like about yourself, why not leave some room to explore the possibilities of spreading your wings and picking up new skills and knowledge?

Looking for some fresh goals for the 21-day challenge? Here are a few ideas:

Pick up a musical instrument. Maybe you were in band or orchestra when you were younger. Does the idea of taking your instrument out of storage horrify or excite you? It could be an opportunity to test yourself while evoking positive memories. If you’ve never played music, a simple instrument like a recorder, ukulele or kalimba should not feel too daunting while providing a fun yet relaxing challenge.

Finish a book every three days. Reading expands your vocabulary and sharpens your memory. It imparts you with more trivial knowledge and wisdom. But perhaps its greatest benefit is reducing stress by safely carrying you away from the cares of the day. Three days per book may sound stressful, but a typical bestseller may take only four to eight hours of dedicated reading time to complete (depending on the book’s length and, of course, your reading speed). If reading is difficult or not possible, audiobooks provide similar benefits.

Change up your physical goals. If you’re a diehard jogger, you might appreciate switching to a HIIT sprint routine for a few weeks. Or you could focus on truly mastering a narrow aspect of your fitness, such as pull-ups, a tricky yoga pose or a set of challenging plank variations. It’s possible that you haven’t added a consistent recovery element into your exercise regimen—what might it feel like a few weeks from now if you did?

Work on a relationship. Most of us can quickly classify our relationships as “good,” “bad,” “so-so” or “complicated,” but quantifying them is difficult. However, something you can track is the effort you put toward improving a relationship. For example, you can challenge yourself to make a meaningful gesture to the other person every day and observe the effects. Or you can keep a gratitude journal that memorializes what you appreciate about this person, so you’ll be more likely to express yourself through words and actions.

Treat yourself as you treat others. Many people give greatly at the expense of their own needs. If this is something you struggle with, endeavor to spend this time taking care of yourself as well as you do others. Perhaps this means making weekly “me dates” when you cook your favorite meals or setting aside time every morning for positive affirmations and encouraging self-talk. Or maybe you’re inconsistent with your cannabinoid routine and could benefit from a schedule to stabilize your regimen.