When we begin to exit quarantine life (and even during), we wish for everyone to feel strong, grounded and balanced with the confidence to progress in the direction that feels right. That’s the idea behind the 21-day challenge—a hope for you and everyone we know to re-enter the community stronger and better than when we started.

What does stronger and better mean to you? Maybe you could use a certain number of hours of sleep per night to feel balanced or need to give yourself permission to take relaxation time every night before bed. Maybe you want to pick up a new exercise routine, journal in the morning or try to connect more with the important people in your life. (Naturally, since we are a wellness company, maintaining our cannabinoid regimens is high on the list for our team.)

Whatever improvement you wish for yourself, remember that you don’t have to “go big or go home.” Creating a small healthy habit can make a big difference over time. We encourage you to enjoy the process of getting there… even the tough days, which will eventually pass and make the good times even sweeter.

We are built on a promise to make products that are clean, effective and designed to be a part of living your best life. That’s why we’ve incorporated a special offer on subscriptions for anyone taking part in this 21-day challenge.

So, are you ready?

To join us, set a goal and sign up below. You’ll get brief motivational emails for 21 days and the option to use a bonus discount code on a subscription order.