True to our California heritage, we live where groundbreaking innovation and the wilds of nature intersect… forever striving to master the front of the wave and always evolving to remain best of class in product, service and experience.

Thoughtfully & Responsibly Made

Our products are thoughtfully made in the USA from responsibly grown American hemp. We believe in organically grown hemp and support farmers who use ecologically sound biodynamic agriculture and zero-waste practices whenever possible.

True to the Plant

With the “entourage effect” in mind, everything we make is crafted to be as close to plant as possible while balancing flavor, potency and overall quality.

Always Best in Class

We’re always evolving with the industry to be best in class, from state-of-the-art hardware to the most advanced extraction methods for the cleanest, most satisfying experience possible.


Our commitment to community begins with the growers who share our beliefs on sustainable agriculture and people and extends to our 1-for-1 program that addresses food insecurity in a meaningful way.

Designed for Your Peace of Mind

With meticulous third-party lab-testing for quality and stability and dedication to sound consumer education, we believe transparency is key to a CBD user’s peace of mind.

Crafted with Care & Attention

Work like ours takes time and investment to do right—and we’re okay with that. Our CBD products have averaged 18 months of research and development to ensure that what we’re offering is the best available.