Sleep Hygiene Checklist: Body

It’s time to get physically comfortable. If you’re tossing and turning, check these factors that might be contributing to your restlessness:


___ Physical Activity

A body generally rests more easily when it’s been active during the day. Try a brisk walk after dinner.


___ Aches and Pains

Back pain, headache and TMJ pain are some common sleep deterrents.


___ Thirst

Dehydration can lead to snoring, dry throat and even leg cramps. Remember to drink enough water throughout the day and before bed.


___ Mattress

Lumps or sags can increase pressure on certain body parts and make it more difficult to fall asleep.


___ Pillow

Soft or firm? Foam, buckwheat or down? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for pillows. Experiment to find your ideal.


___ Sheets

Flannel, jersey, satin and linen provide very different sensations. Do your sheets feel too rough, too warm or distracting?


___ Pajamas

Do you feel good? If they’re too tight or not cozy enough, change your PJs.


___ Eye Mask

Some people prefer to block out all light. What about you?


___ Position

If you just can’t seem to get comfortable and find yourself constantly making small adjustments, try lying on each side, on your back and on your stomach. Is your position optimal? 


___ Hair

If your hair gets snagged easily or makes you too sweaty, a loose ponytail, braids or a silk headwrap may lessen distractions.


___ CBN (Cannabinol)

When good sleep hygiene isn’t enough, cannabinoids like CBD and the CBN (“the sleep cannabinoid”) in our Dream Tincture may help.