Sleep Hygiene Checklist: Mind

Relax and ease your mind. Easier said than done, especially when you’re stressed out. Bedtime may be the only truly quiet moment of your day, so mental chatter rings louder than ever with you as a captive audience. Give these ideas a shot: 


__ Meditation 


Listening to a guided meditation may be enough to send you off to Dreamland. Once you get the idea, you can create your own bedtime meditation space simply by closing your eyes and imagining a scenario. 


__ Get-to-Sleep Exercises 


Counting sheep is old-fashioned, but if visualization generally works for you, try an exercise of activating and shutting down each body part. (A simple version of this is saying “goodnight” to each body part; or you can imagine each, one at a time, feeling very heavy and immovable before moving to the next.)


__ Breathing Exercises


The deep inhale, holding and exhale patterns of “relaxation breath” or “breathwork” are thought to enhance energy, reduce stress and lessen the time it takes to get to sleep.  


__ Evening Journaling  


Writing in a diary near bedtime honors your thoughts and puts them to rest so you can get to the business of sleep.


__ Yoga Nidra 


Where meditation intends to lead relaxation via the mind, this practice leads relaxation via the body. Research yoga nidra if guided meditation and yoga are up your alley.


__ CBN (Cannabinol)


Our Dream Tincture builds on the relaxation and mind-body balance of CBD with pure, powerful CBN isolate for a boosted sedative effect. Designed for those times when good sleep hygiene just isn't enough, Dream has been well-received by customers, who report getting to sleep faster, having more restful sleep and waking up refreshed.