For best results:

Step 1. Apply to desired area.

1. Apply. Swipe on desired area. The firm texture allows you to press into the area as you apply.

Step 2 - Massage into area until absorbed.

2. Massage. Work into area until absorbed. A thin protective layer may remain. Wash hands before touching face, eyes or sensitive areas.

Step 3. Repeat as needed.

3. Repeat. Use where and when needed. Sport Stick provides both an immediate cooling-then-warming effect and support to kick-in your recovery response. Use before and after activity or as needed.

Step 4. Avoid using near the eyes.

4. Important: Avoid using near the eyes. This product may be used on clean skin anywhere on the body except mucous membranes and sensitive areas. It is not intended to treat dry or irritated skin. Do not use near eyes, on broken or irritated skin or directly on blemishes. For external use only.