Market & Mission, LLC dba Bloom Farms Wellness (“Company,” “us” or “we”) offers auto-renewing Subscriptions ("Subscription," or "Subscription Box") according to the following Purchase Terms.

Residents within the United States and the District of Columbia (“You”) may place an order to receive a recurring Subscription Box containing Bloom Farms Wellness products. You decide the interval at which you’d like to receive a Subscription Box (“Interval”). We may offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly Subscriptions. Placing an order for a Subscription Box requires creation of an account (“Account”). All Subscription Box orders are subject to these Purchase Terms. All Subscriptions automatically renew as described below unless cancelled by You in accordance with these Purchase Terms. See HOW TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION below.

Subscription Box Contents: Bloom Farms Wellness Boxes typically contain one more consumable items plus any extras we may choose to include, such as batteries or branded merchandise. The contents of each Bloom Farms Wellness Box will vary from month to month, and we make no guarantees that You will receive a particular product or that the Box you receive will reflect any product displayed or described on our website or in any other marketing materials.

By placing an order for a Subscription Box, You agree to allow Bloom Farms Wellness to email you about your Account, your profile, your Subscription, and occasional promotions related to your Subscription.

We may limit quantities of or cancel Subscription Boxes purchased for any reason in our sole discretion, and we reserve the right to refuse any order. In the event we need to change or cancel an order, we will attempt to notify You using the contact information You provided at the time the order was made. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the contact information You provide in your Account is accurate.


Once You place an order for a Subscription, Bloom Farms Wellness will immediately process your first subscription fee at the time of sign-up. Your subscription will automatically renew as follows:

• For Monthly Subscriptions, Bloom Farms Wellness will automatically process your Subscription fee on the anniversary date of each month. We may adjust this date +/-9 days in order to keep You in the same order fulfillment month given the manner in which holiday schedules and logistics unfold.

• Your Subscription will be charged at the then-current Subscription Rate, subject to terms of any approved promotional codes used, without further notice to You or authorization from You, until You cancel your Subscription. We explain how to cancel your Subscription below.

• By purchasing a Subscription, You agree to an initial and recurring Subscription fee at the then-current Subscription Rate subject to the terms of any corporate-approved promotional codes used, and You accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation.

• You acknowledge that if You use a promotional code, the charges You incur are subject to these Purchase Terms and the terms of any promotional code You use.  For example, if You use a promotional code for 10% off your first month, You will be charged at a rate 10% off the then-current rate for your first month, and your subsequent auto-recurring charges will be at the non-discounted then-current rate for any month up until the point You skip or cancel your Subscription.

• "Then-current Subscription Rate" is defined as the non-discounted Subscription rate listed on our website at the time of shipment.

• You must maintain a valid credit card on file in your account in order for us to process your Subscription fee. No shipment will occur without valid payment of the fee. Please be sure to log into your Account to update your credit card information in the event it changes. 


We reserve the right to change the prices and available Subscriptions at any time, upon notice to you, provided that any Subscription you have already paid for as of the date of such notice will not be affected by such change for the then-current Subscription term. 


All Subscription Boxes will be shipped and billed to your default shipping address and default payment method identified under "Account Settings" under your account.


You may not return any Subscription Box You receive. If You have concerns about the Subscription Box You have received, please Contact Us. We will do our best to work with You to address your concerns. 


There are no refunds or substitutions of anything in your Box or any product purchased through a Subscription. You will not be eligible for a refund for Subscription fees paid for any orders that have already transacted, due to the fees and charges we're assessed to accept your order, and the work our team has already begun performing to assemble your Subscription Box. If You have concerns, Contact Us. We will work with You to address your concerns. 


You're able to skip a month of your Monthly Subscription by logging in to your account, visiting your My Account section on bloomfarmscbd.com and clicking on "Manage Subscriptions", and then selecting "Skip" on the subscription. You will see the option to "Re-Activate" appear. 

To un-skip a month, go to the same location, then select "Re-Activate." You will see the option to "Skip Order" reappear. Please note that skips are not possible once an order has been transacted.


You can cancel your Subscription’s automatic renewal by logging in to your account, visiting your Settings section on bloomfarmscbd.com, clicking on "Manage Subscription" and the "Manage Subscription: button, and then selecting "Cancel Subscription" from the menu. Finally, please select a reason for canceling the subscription, and press "Cancel Subscription.” 

You should receive an email confirmation of your canceled Subscription order. If You do not receive this email, Contact Us.  

Even if You cancel your Monthly Subscription, You will still have an account with Us. You can reactivate your Subscription at any time. 

Canceling your Subscription does not cancel an existing shipment, only future shipments. You will still receive a Bloom Farms Wellness Box for any subscription prior to submitting a Subscription Cancellation. View your Order History by visiting your My Account page, or Contact Us with any questions.


Contact Us if You have any questions.

As a reminder, your use of this Site and placement of a Subscription is also subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Last updated: Sep 17, 2020